Visit Marrakech

Lead developer
Project Overview
The project aims to help tourists navigate the beautiful city of Marrakesh. The timing for starting the project was the event COP22 which was held in Marrakesh in 2016. And while the deadline was very tight, we were able to deliver the product at a record time of 3 weeks and it was launched successfully for Android and iOS.

App store link
Play store link
My Contributions
My first contribution was to choose a tech stack we could quickly use to deliver a working product fast. I did my research and chose react-native although it wasn't even 1 year old back then.
I did a pitch to the CEO about the plan and we started implementing it immediately after.
I worked closely with a very skilled designer:  El Mamoune El Baraka
The project also included a scrapping part in order to get data from the client's original web page. For this, I used a popular python scrapping library.
The last part was publishing the apps to app & play stores and test the app with some beta testers prior to launch.
Linkry Events
Front End Engineer
Jul 2016 - May 2017
Linkry Events was the first startup I worked with in my career. My experience there shaped my view of technology, industry and business.
I learned to speak up and be confident about my choices and opinions. I worked alongside a small and talented team. I watched the sales team make countless selling and negotiation calls and watched the founder switch hats from product manager, to Engineer to sales man.
We worked in a co-working space where there were small startups, independant artists and entrepreneurs. And we attended a conference and held our stand as a team.
It wasn't all roses and flowers, but it was a beautiful life and working experience that shaped me to who I am today.