Design & development
Project Overview
Quizz is an open source mobile game built with react-native. It features gorgeous music, sound effects and a pleasant user experience.
Source: github repo
My Contributions
I worked on the design of the mobile app and then implemented all the features.
My main focus on this project was technical rigour and pleasent user experience.
The project is written in Typescript and has unit tests, linting and a powerful CI and CD suite that deploys a preview of the app for each pull request and for staging and production environments.
Contributing to open source is an important part in the career of a software engineer. And I want to contribute back to the community, so I made this beautiful game in react-native in order to showcase best practices in the industry and the power of react-native and how it's possible to build amazing experiences that have slick animations and beautiful UI while keeping code and project structure clean and organized.
My aim is to have junior developers learn from high quality software that's rare in open-source products!
Open Source
Mobile Engineer
Aug 2020