Full Stack Engineer
Project Overview
Oppizi is a distributed startup with offices in Australia, Paris and London. Its mission is to make offline marketing a differentiator for startups.
Oppizi makes offline marketing simple as a click of a button. And It gives its clients better results than online ads, since it can reach a different audience in a different place (the real world).
Oppizi has several innovations that make it stand apart: a different business model, offline marketing tracking system and a wide distribution capacity.
Agents who distribute flyers are freelancers hired through the app with a digital contract. But they are managed by Oppizi city managers.
My Contributions
I worked as a full stack engineer and built features in the web app, mobile app and in our AWS serverless infrastructure.
Other than working on features and bugs, I have worked on hiring an engineer. And that was a unique experience in my career. I have created a coding challenge and assessed candidates and made an interview with them afterwards. And my main takeaway was that hiring is about people and not code. We should shift our focus from technology to human character, soft skills and general intelligence, since technical skills can be learnt along the way.
Working remotely with a distributed team in 3 continents can be challenging. But the most important thing is to make an async culture and to rely heavily on written communication.
This is a big challenge, especially for traditional managers and teams. But adapting expectations and the manner of work and giving it time to mold the company will make work more efficient and meaningful for the team and the clients as well.
Full Stack Engineer
Jan 2019 — current