Full Stack Engineer
Project Overview
Minder is a dating app for a specific niche: muslims. It looks similar to Tinder but contains features that better serve its niche that counts over 1M users now!
My Contributions
While I added features and fixed bugs in the main app, my main contribution was a special project that facilitates the job of dozens of my teammates.
The minder community is strictly controlled in order to keep bots, fake and malicious people away. And a huge part of this verification was manually done.

My first mission was to design and build a system that would make that verification work more efficient, fast and pleasant for that team. And the results were very good with a massive difference in results that led to more retention of clients since they didn't have to wait that much anymore.

The second mission i led was that of gamifying the dating experience of our clients. So, I designed and implemented a badges and scoring system that would make people who have the values sought in our community stand out: high response rate, manners and seriousness.
My experience at minder wasn't very long. But I accomplished so much that I'm still amazed by how much I can be productive if given ownership, space and trust to not only build features, but to achieve results and drive a mission to fruition.
This unique experience with a very small team made me realize how much my skills can be stretched. As this was a real Full Stack role where I had to think about the experience, do research, design and implement the features on my own.
I learned a lot from the founders who were smart, lean and extremely efficient. And I had the chance to work with an amazing Software engineer well known in the JavaScript and React ecosystem: Bruno Lemos
Full Stack Engineer
Sep 2017 — Feb 2018